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Beautiful Flower Screensaver

Beautiful Flower Screensaver turns your desktop into a wonderful garden full of beautiful flowers
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14 July 2015

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In course of a busy days work, there are moments when you wish to unwind without necessarily leaving your seat. The Beautiful Flower Screensaver 1.2 presents you with the easiest way to cheer up your mind. Just gloss through the fanciful images of breathtakingly beautiful flowers that float around your screen and you would be able to leave all the stress away. It comes with a collection of fifteen strikingly beautiful images of flowers, each containing a vibrant amalgamation of colors and pristine beauty.

When the Beautiful Flower Screensaver 1.2 starts to play, you get to hear a soothing track as flower after flower floats across your screen. Essentially the screensaver tries to capture the mood of spring where delightful flowers bloom in their full glory. It has everything from beautiful white flowers that have a heavenly sheen to the bright red garden flowers that can lighten up the day. You get to see some beautiful sights of button bush flowers growing against a vibrant green visage. Some of the flowers have a striking interplay of colors, say a prominent yellow shade bordered by violet petals, which can keep you enchanted for countless moments. The mesmerizing silhouette of lights passing through a wildflower bunch is another treat that you get to view in this screensaver. In essence this screensaver proves the famous saying that earth expresses in happiness through flowers. On the technical front, image transitions are rather succinct while screensaver barely occupies few megabytes on your disk. The acoustic effects are subtle yet noticeable and overall ambience can captivate even the most jaded minds.

In terms of its aesthetic beauty, the Beautiful Flower Screensaver 1.2 can hold its own against some of the best artistic screensavers that you can possible come across. We mark the screensaver with a respectable score of three rating stars for its elegant photorealistic image collection.

Publisher's description

Beautiful Flower Screensaver turns your desktop into a wonderful garden full of beautiful flowers. It brings you 15 pictures of the most beautiful flowers to rise your spirits during the long work hours. The flowers appearing on your screen will show you their beauty. This is a coloful flower free screensaver created by If you want to enjoy the beauty of spring flowering bulbs everyday, Beautiful Flower Screensaver may well be worth a look.
Beautiful Flower Screensaver
Beautiful Flower Screensaver
Version 1.4.3
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